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Our Approach 

Our philosophy is to provide appropriate investment vehicles for individuals and institutions whose requirements are consistent with our expertise and approach, based on the following principles:


Portfolios must be customized to include the client's financial goals and resources, risk tolerance, cash flow requirements, tax situation, and estate planning needs 


The risks in equity investing can be reduced through proper diversification


Diversified equity investments have yielded higher real returns (adjusting for inflation) compared to most other investments when measured over a reasonably long period of time

Cost Minimization

Low portfolio turnover minimizes taxes and transaction costs

Long-Term Horizon

Investment performance should be measured over a reasonably long period of time

Fee-Based Structure

Compensation for investment advisory services should be fee-based so as not to reward trading and to lessen any inherent conflicts of interest between us and our clients


Regular communication between clients and advisors is critically important to maintain investments consistent with risk tolerance

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